Tips to successfully score a 50 plus date

Tips to successfully score a 50 plus date

August 26, 2022

If you're 50 or older and are new to the single market, it must have been a while since you've dated. It can then be useful to get some tips to increase the guarantee of a successful date.

Good communication is key

Especially for 50 plus men it is important to know that good communication is the key if you want to be successful on a 50 plus dating site. Remember that when you chat online, you are interacting with real people. Don't say what you wouldn't say to a woman in real life. Save the sexual comments for later and you'll have more success getting her into bed, making new friends or entering into a real relationship. 

Pay enough attention to your profile

Especially since you don't have to deal with physical encounters on online dating sites, it is important that you pay enough attention to your profile. If someone likes you, they will look up and view your profile. You will therefore have to provide your profile with enough information and update it on time. If you leave your profile blank or very vague, you will have less communication with the other members! It can be a little tricky (for some) to write about yourself on a dating site, but just be brave and do it!

Look at what the future has to offer

While most 50 plus singles have had a marriage or two, it is wise to avoid conversations about ex-wives/husbands or other possible bad relationship experiences. Of course, the past will come up as a topic to talk about on a first date, but it's advisable not to go too deep into analyzing your ex-partners. It is better to focus on the moment and get to know the thoughts and ideas of this new person.

Patience is a virtue

It is very easy to talk to people online. But finding the right one often takes a lot of time and luck. So if you don't immediately meet interesting people, don't give up. Also don't forget that there are hundreds if not thousands of new 50 plus singles who are signed up to each of these sites every day. It's smart to join multiple sites and stay active longer.

Always be on your guard

When dating online, you should always be on your guard. This tip is especially relevant in the world of 50 plus dating. There have been many stories where an online scammer seduces an older person and then robs them from a lot of money, the so-called money wolves. Don't go on stories that sound too good to be true. Also, don't try to fall in love with the other person in the first or any of the first conversations. Once there is a click, try to meet physically to get to know each other better. Ultimately, a relationship between two people is all about physical chemistry, and you can never be sure of the other person's intentions if you're only writing to each other online.

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