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    Very helpful helpdesk staff - Review about Exclusively Over 60 Dating

    When I first became a member of this site I still had to get used to a few things and I had a question regarding my payment. The first thing I did was go through the list of frequently asked questions. Fortunately, the list of this site is very extensive and you will find almost all general information on this list. Unfortunately for me, my question was just a bit too complicated, so I had to contact the site's customer service. I sent my question via the site's online contact form and have to say that I was very surprised by the speed with which the customer service picked up my message. In no time I was helped and they called me as well in order to serve me better. This site is therefore highly recommended for single people over 60 and definitely worth it.

    Some of the pros of this dating site: - Very easy registration process - Free registration - Helpful helpdesk staff - Enough information on the F.A.Q. list

    This dating site is partially free. If you want to get full access to all the functionalities of the site, than I need to upgrade my account.

    Safe Site to Date - Review about Exclusively Over 60 Dating

    One of the most important things I look at when I sign up on a dating site is how safe and reliable the site is. I have come across a number of dating sites in the past, some I myself became a member of, but I always got zero on request. In addition, these dating sites were really not as safe and reliable as they pretended to be. Often enough the registration process was very simple, the only thing I had to provide was my e-mail address. In addition, I had to buy credits or tokens to get in touch with other users. I had some moments where I had to ask myself why I became a member of that dating site. Either there were hardly any interesting female members on the site, or there was a chance that you were being scammed by people pretending to be the person but only letting you buy credits and keep the conversation going. Luckily I didn't experience this on Exclusively Over 60 Dating. This dating site has a reliable and secure sign up process, you need to confirm your sign up and from the start you will notice that you are dealing with real members. In the beginning it takes some searching, but once you get used to the site you will notice that you will not only come across interesting profiles, but that the members who like you will also contact you themselves. So this dating site is definitely worth checking out.

    Very easy to sign up - Review about 121 Over 60s Dating

    I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a 60 plus date. Although the site does not have the usual featured profiles on the home page of the site, it is very professional in design. You will be given the option to register in several places on the home page of the site. The sign up process itself is super easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is fill out the site's click-through signup form, enter a working email address and username and you're ready to start finding an exciting date. You can search profiles, update your profile and send some free messages completely free of charge. The site is unfortunately not completely free, but you do get the opportunity to explore the site for free. If you want to increase the chance of finding a date or speed up your search for an exciting date, you will have to pay a minimal amount for the paid membership of the site. Fortunately, this amount is also almost negligible when you consider what you get in return as a service. So I would warmly recommend this site to all other 60 plus singles to try out. I'm 68 myself and I came into contact with a dear gentleman through this site, so it's really possible.

    Very recommendable dating site - Review about 121 Over 60s Dating

    I would surely recommend this dating site to all my peers. I didn't register on the site long ago and although in the beginning I received a number of messages from men who did not interest me, I eventually came across some positive candidates and I have so good contact with two myself that I am about to be dating them. Eventually I will find out which of these two gentlemen I want to grow old with. In any case, this site will make you feel young and in love again as your teenage years. Besides that the site is easy to use, especially for every person over 60 and also very safe and reliable. Enough reason to sign up and start dating again via this site.

    The advantage of this site is that the registration process is not only free, but also quick and easy. You can also visit the site to meet real people. You can also ask them for a physical date. The site is also affiliated with Online Dating Guardian Protected and thus safe and reliable to use.

    Even though this dating sites is free when it comes to the registration process, there are still some services that you need to pay for.

    The best club to find you a real date - Review about Over 60s Dating Club

    The Over60sDatingClub is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are 60 or older. Have you perhaps already given up hope on finding a suitable partner or does it all seem impossible to you? Nothing is less true. On this site I have experienced that there are enough men and women of 60 years and older, who are just like you looking for love and more. I came across this site through friends. At first I was a bit hesitant, but because of the good reviews and stories I decided to sign up anyway and so far I don't regret it. In the first few weeks I came across some nice profiles and decided to get in touch with some of them. I've been in contact with some of them so far and I've also had a few virtual dates. I would definitely recommend these dating sites to all my single peers.

    The Over60sDatingClub is a very suitable site for the over 60s. You can register quickly and easily on the site and also search for a suitable partner in the same way.

    You don't get to see that many images on the homepage of the site from users, so you don't always have an accurate idea of what to expect or not to expect on this dating site.

    Real members to go on a date with - Review about Over 60s Dating Club

    In general I am not one to give my opinion on the first best website about how I have experienced using a website and especially not a dating site, but the Over60sDatingClub has done me so good, I can't resist to share my experience on this site with others who are also looking for a partner over the age of sixty. This dating site for older people is not only easy to use, but you will also find real men and women to date. I had tried a number of other dating sites before this site, but with no success. The first conversations were always very promising, but after that the interest of the other person quickly faded or you suddenly heard nothing from the other person. In many cases I felt like I was dealing with people who were paid to answer chat messages or just sites that made money selling credits, but never got to a real virtual or physical date. Until I ended up on Over60sDatingClub. I was hesitant at first, but I don't regret it. The important thing is that there are real men and women on this datingsite who really like to go out with other similar men and women for dates and more.

    Very secure and safe dating site - Review about Senior Friendfinder

    Hi all, I am Sandrina. For some years now I am single and because I think it is time to find myself a new lover I decided to start dating again. With the help of some friends I came across Senior Friendfinder dating. I am very happy with this dating site because the site is safe and discrete. As mentioned on the home page of the site, Senior Friendfinder contains fraud detection algorithms, and real persons are reviewing every senior dating profile at the time of registration. It is also good to know that every Senior FriendFinder member's photo is scrupulously reviewed by the Customer Service Department. This is the foremost reason why I joined this senior dating site and I would recommend this dating site to all my fellow single seniors. With a little bit patient I found new friends on this dating site and also some interesting men. So finding new friend and or dates on Senior Friend Finder is absolutely possible.

    - Datingsite is safe and discrete - You can become friends with seniors or you can find your lover on the site -

    No cons, I love the way this dating site is build up as well as the services provided by this site.

    Dating site for every like minded senior - Review about Senior Friendfinder

    I recently came across this dating site on the internet and am very impressed. The site is not only very clear, but also very easy to use. Especially seniors can get what they searching for on this site. Since I have been single for a long time and wanted to get in touch with other peers I decided to join this site. Believe it or not, but within a short time I came into contact with nice seniors, who were also looking for friendship in the first instance and of course if there is a click I want to have more than just a friendly relationship with one of the female members of this dating site. I would therefore recommend all my peers, who are single, to sign up on this Senior Friendfinder and look for their true love.

    - Sooner or later you will definitely come into contact with your loved one, the person with whom you can grow old together. - The site is clear and very user-friendly (especially for seniors)

    I don't have cons. It is good to know that there is a dating site which is specialized in bringing together single seniors for friendship and more.

    You should try the VIP- membership of the site - Review about Over60.Dating

    To be very effective in finding a suitable 60 plus date, I would recommend every member of this site to try the VIP- membership of this site. With a free account you only have limited access to the site's services. The purpose of this account is more to familiarize you with the various features of the site. Of course you can create your profile, search and view profiles of other users, but if you are really looking for a date effectively, then it is advisable to try the VIP membership of the site. You can choose to become a VIP member of the site for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. As a VIP member, you can identify yourself as a VIP member, you can add members to your favorites, you can keep matches for as long as you choose, you can see pictures of other members, view profiles of recent visitors, write unlimited messages, read messages and much more. These options do indeed offer you the opportunity to score more effective dates on this site. I tried it myself and managed to score a nice date in the first week after my upgrade. The VIP membership makes you stand out from the other members so that people contact you faster and earlier. If you are very lonely, your loneliness will be a thing of the past in no time. The costs of the VIP membership are very low, so enough reasons to sign up for the VIP- membership

    Very reliable dating site - Review about Over60.Dating

    Over 60 dating is very professional and reliable. As the site itself states on their homepage, all new profiles of users are checked for authenticity. As a user you have the certainty that you will also come into contact with real people and not with fake profiles or entertainment profiles as is the case on many other dating sites. I tried a number of dating sites before getting on this one and was not satisfied. I got in touch with male users, who seemed very interesting to me, and at one point I really fell in love with one, but whenever we wanted to meet up, he kept telling me something that prevented us from meeting. One time his mother was suddenly hospitalized, the other time he had to fill in because of the pressure at work and you name it. I now know for myself that in such cases there is a good chance that you are dealing with a fake profile or an entertainment profile. You can never meet with these profiles. Of course that is not the intention, because you sign up on a dating site to talk to and meet real people and not to waste my time with entertainment profiles. So I am very satisfied with the services of this site and would recommend all my peers to find a friend on this site as well.

    No fake profiles - Review about Over 60s Dating Club

    No fake profiles Most people who use the services of a dating site are afraid of being cheated. In some cases the dating site contains fake profiles or entertainment profiles with which it is not possible to meet. Also when chatting with the users you notice that it is always a different person who answers your messages. Even when you ask them to meet in person, they join in the conversation until the day of the meeting and then they suddenly have to cancel because they have to go to work or because someone is sick. Fortunately, I came across this dating site. The users you contact have all the attention for you and if there is no interest, just let them know. The site is also very reliable and safe. You cannot just log in with a fake e-mail address, password and data. After having processed all information in the registration form, you will be asked to first confirm the registration on the site and then the password will also be emailed to you.

    - No fake profiles - The site is reliable and safe - E-mail verification when signing up on this site - You can have nice conversations with other members of this site.

    Worth A Go! - Review about Over 60s Dating Club

    I joined the over 60's dating club on the advice and urging of my friends. At first the site seemed nothing to me because there is little or no content on the homepage of the site. All you will see is a registration form where you can sign up on the site, where you can log in, and a background with thousands of pictures of people. Normally you can see on a dating site what the site stands for, what services the site has to offer, you will see an overview with featured profiles. In most cases you can also click on a profile to view information about the user. This will give you a better idea of ​​what to expect on the site. Some dating sites even make it possible to see reviews from other users about how they have experienced using the site. Unfortunately you will only see a registration form on the homepage of this site. It might be advisable to post some more content on the home page of the site itself. Because once you are registered and use the services of the site, you will be amazed at the profiles of users, which can be found on the site. You have the most interesting men and women, who are also looking for someone for fun, a date, nice chat contact and more.

    Top customer service - Review about Exclusively Over 60 Dating

    I recently joined this fun dating site because I have been single myself for years and at some point started to feel the need to have a partner. It is nice to do fun things with someone else and grow old together. So I ended up on this site through friends and was so impressed by the functionalities of the site and the many possibilities that I decided to upgrade my account to a VIP account of 6 months. However, something went wrong with the payment and I didn't know what to do. The payment had already been made, but I did not have a VIP membership yet. I then decided to send a message to customer service and have to say that I got a reply in no time. And not long after that, I had access to my VIP membership. So I am very satisfied with the way customer service solved my problem. On other datingsites you have to wait days for a general answer. The employees themselves are not only friendly, but also very professional. They know exactly how to assist you with any questions and / or comments.

    Very friendly and helpful customer service. The customer support employees know exactly how they can help you with your questions.

    There are no featured profiles - Review about Exclusively Over 60 Dating

    When I first came to this site, I noticed that there are no featured profiles on the homepage of the site. Because of this, you do not know what type of people you can expect on the site itself. Often enough, on other dating sites you'll see a list of featured profiles that you can click on. If you have seen an interesting profile, you can click on it and you will not only see the personal data of the user, but also what they are actually looking for on the site. That way you can tell whether you want to contact the person further or not. Unfortunately, this site does not contain featured profiles. So at first I had no idea what to expect from the users of this dating site. I thought that was less. Fortunately, the site does contain enough information about what the site stands for and for which services you can go there. So, event though i didn't saw the featured profiles I still signed up and was amazed by the many interesting users that you can find on the site. I have been on this site for about a month and have met some nice women on the site with whom I would like to have a nice date.

    The sign up process is very easy - Review about Exclusively Over 60 Dating

    Hi all, I've been a widower for a year now and I thought it would be best to start dating again. I am more looking for someone to contact chat with, someone who can arrange a nice date and more. So I was looking for a suitable dating site and came across this dating site through friends. Although the layout of the site looks very simple, I was surprised by the fast registration procedure. For the elderly it is quite difficult if it takes too long to register and if so many ballast things are asked to fill in. Within a few minutes I was registered which of course I liked very much. The site is also transparent, well-organized and clear. I would certainly recommend my peers to use the services of this site.

    Signing up on this dating site is very easy and takes only a few seconds of your precious time. The sign up process is free and gives you the possibility to get used to the different functionalities of this site. I didn't believe it at first, but after having signed up on this site, I saw a lot of good looking female members which you need to have contact with.

    The layout of this datingsite is very simple.

    You need to pay for an upgrade to full membership - Review about Over 60s Dating Online

    Just because I'm 60 doesn't mean I no longer have the right to have a lover or to date other nice women. With that in mind, I decided to join this interesting 60 plus dating site. The sign up process itself is very simple and only takes a few moments of your precious time. As a new member I was assigned a free account. However, there was no access to all functionalities of the site. To access the full membership, I had to upgrade my account via payment. Fortunately, the amount was not too bad and I choose to upgrade my account to the full membership. I always thought everything was free on the site. Obviously, that might be a little unrealistic since the site should be maintained and employees needs to be paid. Fortunately, the amount you have to pay is not too high. The amount is not too bad and the conversations are also effective. Despite having spent a fee on the site for the upgrade to full membership, I am not dissatisfied. The site is worth your money, especially because there are users with whom you can communicate comfortably about anything and everything. On other sites you pay a certain amount every month or daily without any success. Fortunately, that is not (yet) the case on this site.

    The best over 60s dating online contacts - Review about Over 60s Dating Online

    I have been single for a few years now and my nephews have indicated to me that I feel very lonely. Indeed, I realized that I have hardly any friends with whom I have contact or a woman that I can love or have a good conversation with. They created a profile for me on this site and told me to try it online as well. At first I was apprehensive about that, but decided to give it a chance anyway. To be honest, I must indicate that not all conversations are equally pleasant, because not everyone is interested in me, but the people with whom I do have contact know how to cheer me up. Usually these are women, who also feel lonely and are looking for chat buddies. We can talk to each other about anything and everything and with one it has even come to the point that we agreed to meet each other. The date is yet to come, but I'm positive about that. So I would recommend dating online over 60s to all my peers. It is a site that is very safe and reliable. So definitely worth a try.

    This site is very recommendable. The users are real, you can have good conversations and if there is a click you can decide to meet each other in person.

    I thought the site was completely free of charge - Review about Over 60 Dating.Online

    When you first visit the over 60 dating website, you may get the feeling that the site is completely free. However, that is not entirely correct. You can register on the site for free, create a profile and search profiles of other users. However, a small financial fee is required for upgrading your account to Gold membership or VIP membership. I didn't expect this, I thought the site was completely free. I finally decided to try VIP membership. Fortunately it was worth it and the prices are not too bad. I came across some interesting profiles with whom I am still in touch. Because I like a few females, it will take a while before I can make a choice with whom I want to grow old together.

    As a member of this site you can choose to use your free account to find a suitable date, but you can also choose to upgrade your account to the gold membership and or VIP membership. The Gold and VIP memberships give you a lot of possibilities to find a suitable date on this datingsite.

    You need to pay for the upgrade to Gold membership and or VIP membership. But it is worth it for sure.

    I could not reach the site by phone - Review about Over 60 Dating.Online

    Hello everyone, I am Lovely Jolly and I intend to leave a review for other users, who may ever be faced with my situation. I have been a member of this site for a few months now and I am satisfied so far. One of the times I got a message from a crush of mine and in all haste I entered the wrong password a few times. At one point I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I wanted to contact the customer service representative by phone, but I was unsuccessful because I couldn't find any phone number. Eventually I found out through the most frequently asked questions on the site that I could just send a message to customer service by clicking on contact. No sooner said than done and in no time I could use my account again. I have already found a serious date myself. Compared to other dating sites, I have a really good experience with Over 60 dating. I would therefore recommend this site to all my single peers.

    The customer support is very responsive. Furthermore you don't have to worry that you wouldn't find a date on this site. Within a few weeks I found my loved one so it is possible for you as well. You only need to be a little patient.

    The homepage of the site is very simple - Review about Only Over 60s Dating

    I've been a member of Only Over 60s Dating for a few weeks now. I am satisfied with the services of the site, although before my registration I almost decided not to register on this site. The homepage of the site seemed a bit lacking in detail to me. You will only see a registration form, some limited information and where you can log in as a member. Fortunately, I do not regret registering on this site. The registration process was quick and easy to do. Once you have signed up and logged into the site, you will be amazed at the many possibilities the site has to offer. It seems like a whole new online dating world is opening up for you as someone over sixty looking to find someone special.

    The site consists of a number of like-minded members. If you are interested in one or more of them, feel free to contact him or her without obligation. You decide how far you go with a date. Do you prefer online conversations or do you want to do a lot more with a user (for example meeting physically)? You decide that all by yourself.

    The homepage of the site is very simple and not very detailed. Especially for people over 60 it would be useful if the homepage of the site showed some real members of the site and also a lot more information on what the site offers and is about. The users then know where they stand on this dating site.

    At first I was hesitant - Review about Only Over 60s Dating

    Hi guys, I am lovely Bert, and would like to come in contact with a nice lady of my age (59). Because I already have experience with a number of dating sites, I was initially reluctant to use the services of this site. On most dating sites it wants to appear that the services are free, but when it comes down to it, you still lose some money after only having conversations with other users. It is also the case that on other sites I get the feeling that the conversations are being lengthened unnecessarily, that you just lose more and more money on the site without any positive result. So you understand that I was very reluctant when I decided to join this site. Fortunately, my apprehension was short-lived. From my registration on I had a good feeling about this datingsite. I have come across a number of nice contacts and with certain conversations seem to be going in the right direction. The conversations do not seem unrealistic or made. So I am satisfied so far. My fellow peers could make good use of the site.

    This dating site contains real profiles. I didn't came across entertainment profiles and or fake profiles. So I really recommend this dating site to my fellow peers.

    It is very easy to sign up - Review about Older Singles Club

    Hi, I am Nelly, 60 years old and a widow. I am looking for a peer, who wants to share joys and sorrows with me and who wants to grow old with me. This is also the reason why I actually joined this dating site. My girlfriend has been a member for several months and she kept sharing positive experiences with users of this dating site with us. This made me interested in the site and decided to sign up to find my lover that way. In the first two weeks it didn't seem to work out, but suddenly I came across the profile of a nice gentleman. I still have good contact with him and I would like a lot more. I would advise anyone who is single to register on the site and also look for a nice man or woman to spend time with. You can complete the registration process in five minutes or less, after which you can start searching profiles to find a suitable date.

    The registration process is very easy and it is possible to find nice and suitable dates on this datingsite.

    I am very positive about this datingsite. I dont't have any bad experiences with this dating site.

    Very Safe and reliable dating site - Review about Older Singles Club

    I am full of praise for Older Singles Dating. I've tried a number of dating sites but I think this one is the best I've come across so far. For people over 70 like me it is important that my privacy and security on the website is guaranteed. I really experienced this on the site from the start. You cannot just join the site. Before you can use the services of the site, you must first confirm your registration. I found a suspicious profile and didn't know what to do with it exactly. I reported this to customer service and in no time the profile was removed from the site. I am therefore convinced that everything is done on this site to guarantee the safety of old users like me. So enough reasons to join this dating site.

    The site is safe and reliable. You don't have to worry that people with fake profiles will approach you. Customer service is also very responsive if you report a suspicious profile. I would therefore definitely recommended this site to others.

    There are no cons. I am happy with the dating services that this site provides to singles. Customer support is very responsive, so if there are questions you can fill in the online contact form and wait for the answer that customer support will send to you.

    There is no telephone number available - Review about 121 Over 60s Dating

    Hi I am Eva, There are some good things to tell about this dating site and some aspects that I think need improvement.

    The site is well laid out and easy to use. In addition, the site comes across as very reliable and I come into contact with profiles of people who really exist. On some dating sites this is not the case and the profiles are not from real people. For a person over 60, who wants to get in touch with another genuine person to grow old together, a site that has genuine profiles is really useful. Hence, I am very satisfied with the site's dating services.

    I'm just not completely satisfied with the customer service. I made a payment and something went wrong while transferring my money. Of course I immediately wanted to speak to someone to rectify this, but on the site I did not find a phone number for customer service. Fortunately, there was an online contact form available which I filled in and sent to customer service. I had to wait a day for a reply, but via this form the customer service employees helped me very well. Maybe an idea to work on a telephone customer service in the future, especially for people over 60 that is very useful.

    The best 60 plus datingsite - Review about 121 Over 60s Dating

    Hi everyone, I'm Ethan and don't normally post reviews, but since I'm really impressed with this dating site I want to share my humble experience with others who are also looking for a 60 plus date. I have been separated from my wife for five years now and recently thought it important to have someone in my life again who understands me and who could really help me through thick and thin. It seemed like this would be very easy. I thought I'd try first using my circle of friends / acquaintances with likeminded singles my age. However, I soon found that this didn't work well as no one else was looking to get into a relationship again. That is why I decided to try online dating at the ripe old age of 65! However, finding a suitable dating site that caters for the over 60s is the most important thing to do first. Before I ended up on 121 Over 60s Dating, I had already tried a couple of sites where the service was poor and the sites seemed to have few members and ever less who wanted to chat, let alone meet. In addition, the sites pretend to be free, but at the end you have to pay a fortune for the services of the site. Fortunately I ended up on this site where I found my current love. It took a few weeks, and yes I did pay to upgrade to premium membership, but it was totally 100% worth it as I did meet my beloved one and that is why I am super satisfied with the service of the site.