How to create a dating profile for people over 60

How to create a dating profile for people over 60

How to create a dating profile for people over 60
January 10, 2021

Online dating has become extremely popular in recent years. Not only young people, but also more and more seniors are active on the various dating sites. The seniors are usually single, divorced, widowed, or have never been in a committed relationship. Because more and more seniors are active on dating sites, the chance that you will come into contact with your 60 plus loved one is many times greater than a few years ago. More and more people aged 60 and older are active, making a match a lot more plausible on dating sites for the elderly. However, to be successful in finding a suitable date, it is important to have a good dating profile. If this is not the case, people will not be quick to contact you. It is therefore important that you stand out from all other like-minded men and women. In this article you will learn how to best put together your profile.

Your username must be unique and catchy

Many seniors on datingsites may be tempted to use their own names. However, this is not wise. After all, you never know what other members of the different dating sites are up to with you. Preferably choose a catchy username. Think of one that appeals to people, of course. When you come up with a nice username, people are more likely to contact you. This also increases the chance of finding a successful date many times over.

An appealing profile

Many people starting with 60+ dating put a list of things in their profile that describes them. Very easy of course, but quite boring. Would you like it yourself if you only got to read text about someone and had no image? No. Then try to brighten up your profile yourself with photos. Let your passion or profession shine through, for example, a number of nice pictures. Know for sure that this makes people more likely to take a good look at your profile and possibly even contact you.

An interesting description

Would you rather not reveal too much of yourself on the basis of photos? Then provide an appropriate description. Don't make a boring and long story, but choose a story that will certainly appeal to your peers. This could be a quote from a book or movie that perfectly describes your life. By choosing such a description, other seniors who are active in the field of 50 plus dating know exactly what they have in store for a person. And when they are curious, they are bound to contact you.

Fill in your profile in good faith

Of course you do not have to fill in everything when you create a profile on a dating site as a senior. But fill in what you enter as honestly as possible. Lying may have a positive effect at first, but in the long run, lies always come out, especially when the contact between you and a match becomes more serious. If this is the case with you, you can say goodbye to your sixty-plus match. After all, you wouldn't like it yourself when you came into contact with someone who is only lying to you? So don't do this yourself.

Not a too long dating profile

If you are looking for senior happiness, it is wise not to make your profile too long. Nowadays people no longer want to read long stories. Make sure you provide a short description and do not explain everything. If someone else from a 60 plus dating site is interested, you can expect a message. This is probably not the case if you fill your entire profile with a large amount of text. This is more of a letdown. So you will never find your 60 plus match.

The importance of recent photos

The chance of finding a 60 plus date is a lot higher when you add photos to your profile. In that case, choose recent photos. After all, a photo from 30 years ago is no longer relevant and is not interesting for other seniors on the dating site for 60+. Don't have any recent photos? Then ask someone if they want to make one or more of you.

Show yourself

Some people are a bit insecure about themselves. Finding a 60 plus match will not be easy in that case. These people often choose a photo on which they are hardly visible. In that case, of course, other people on the dating site don't know who they are dealing with. This is likely to keep them from reaching out to you. Always make sure that you add photos to your profile where you are recognizable in the picture.

Ask for help

Are you just starting 60 plus dating? Then you may not know exactly what is expected of you. Not a problem of course, because there are plenty of people who have the same problem. In that case, ask friends or family for help. That may sound strange, but they are probably happy to help you. After all, they want nothing more than to see you go through life with someone. Preferably choose a younger person, as he or she probably knows a lot about online dating. This greatly increases the chance of finding the perfect 60 plus date.

Keep your profile up to date

Have you been active in senior dating for a long time? Then make sure you keep your profile up-to-date. After all, people are a lot less likely to contact you when your profile is no longer recent. In that case they probably think you are no longer active. So make sure to do some renewal now and then. Place a new, recent photo now and then and, for example, make a new description. You may make contact with other people who are looking for a partner faster.


So are you actively looking for a suitable 60 plus date, on dating sites such as Over 60 dating, for a serious relationship, friendship or more? Do you want to effectively come into contact with other people over 60? Then it is advisable to follow these tips with regard to make a good dating profile.

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