Exclusively Over 60 Dating

Exclusively Over 60 Dating is a dating site specially developed exclusively for all men and women over 60 years old, who feel lonely, divorced, widowed or just single. As a 60+ you don't have to be ashamed that you will be rejected or that others will look down on you. The members of this site are just like you looking for new friendships, love, dates and more. Does the site seem interesting to you and do you also want to score an exclusive 60 plus date and more? Sign up today, completely free, quickly and easily on this exciting exclusive dating site.

This dating site is not only very well organized, but is also very easy to use. Users are not just sent into the woods, but as soon as they are on the website, they can see exactly where to log in, where they can register as a new member and are presented with sufficient information regarding the site's services.

You don't have to worry about the number of members either. The site itself is made up of thousands of members and on daily basis new members are being welcomed to this site. The chance of finding a suitable date is therefore many times greater on this dating site than on any other dating site. In addition, the administrators of the site strive to provide you at all times with a safe and discreet online dating platform where you can send messages to other members and read incoming messages in peace and security. Furthermore, all your personal data is stored securely and never provided to third parties, not even for commercial purposes. This is one of the reasons why this dating site is part of the online dating protector. Does this dating site appeal to you? Then sign up for free today at exclusively over 60 Dating.com. Who knows, you might come across the love of your life this week or in no time.

Target audience

This dating site has been developed exclusively for all senior men and women over the age of 60 who need a little more love in their lives, new friendships, new acquaintances and more. Fortunately, the site itself has thousands of members and new registrations keep coming in every day, making it almost impossible that you will not find a date on this exciting dating site. Does the site seem exciting to you and do you want to get in touch with someone, with whom you can take nice walks, with whom you can go out and with whom you can grow old together? Sign up today for free on this dating site and then start immediately with finding your own exclusive 60 plus date.

Sign Up

All men and women who are in need of an exclusively over 60 date can register on the site for free today. You can register by first going to the homepage of the site and filling in the online click-through form. You will find this form on the homepage of the site under the heading "meet over 60s singles looking for love…. Join free today ". You can also access this form by clicking on the "join free today" or "set up" tabs on the home page itself. In this online click-through registration form you fill in whether you are male or female, whether you are looking for a man, a woman or both and a username of your choice. You also enter your date of birth, working e-mail address and password of your choice. After having processed all relevant data and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can register on the site. After successfully completing the registration process and confirming your registration, you can immediately get started with finding a suitable 60 plus date on the site.

Types of Membership

When you first join exclusively over 60 dating, you become a free member. As a free member you can create a profile, add a photo, search for people by county, create your favorites list and send unlimited winks. You'll also receive an email if someone adds you as one of their favorites, winks at you, or sends you a message. If you decide to become a full member, you will also be able to send and receive private messages, chat online with instant messenger, see who's viewed your profile, create and read dating diaries, and add multiple photos to your profile.

Search function

Due to the multitude of interesting profiles of men and women on the site, it can be quite a challenge to find a suitable date. Fortunately, the site consists of a built-in search function that you can use. You can use the search feature to help you find exactly who you're looking for and avoid what you know doesn't work for you. In the search function you indicate, for example, whether you are looking for a man or a woman, in which age group he/she should be and much more. The site will then search for suitable matches for you and then send you an overview. You can then contact matches that interest you the most.

Delete profile

Persons who have already managed to score a regular date or who, for one reason or another, no longer wish to use the services of this site, have the option to easily and quickly delete their account from the site's databases. To delete your account, you must first log in to the site. From your home page, locate the 'Account' option and select 'Membership'. From the membership overview that's shown, select 'Delete account' and follow the onscreen instructions.

Contact details

If you have any questions and / or comments regarding the services of the site? Do you run into issues or can you no longer log in, for example? Then you can feel free to click on the "contact us" or "contact" tab at the bottom of the webpage. After clicking on this you will be the first to see the list of frequently asked questions. If your answer is not on the list, you can of course send a message to the customer service of the site. The site's friendly customer service representatives will of course do everything they can to answer your messages as quickly and correctly as possible.

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Exclusively Over 60 Dating Reviews

    Very helpful helpdesk staff

    When I first became a member of this site I still had to get used to a few things and I had a question regarding my payment. The first thing I did was go through the list of frequently asked questions. Fortunately, the list of this site is very extensive and you will find almost all general information on this list. Unfortunately for me, my question was just a bit too complicated, so I had to contact the site's customer service. I sent my question via the site's online contact form and have to say that I was very surprised by the speed with which the customer service picked up my message. In no time I was helped and they called me as well in order to serve me better. This site is therefore highly recommended for single people over 60 and definitely worth it.

    Some of the pros of this dating site:
    - Very easy registration process
    - Free registration
    - Helpful helpdesk staff
    - Enough information on the F.A.Q. list

    This dating site is partially free. If you want to get full access to all the functionalities of the site, than I need to upgrade my account.

    Safe Site to Date

    One of the most important things I look at when I sign up on a dating site is how safe and reliable the site is. I have come across a number of dating sites in the past, some I myself became a member of, but I always got zero on request. In addition, these dating sites were really not as safe and reliable as they pretended to be. Often enough the registration process was very simple, the only thing I had to provide was my e-mail address. In addition, I had to buy credits or tokens to get in touch with other users. I had some moments where I had to ask myself why I became a member of that dating site. Either there were hardly any interesting female members on the site, or there was a chance that you were being scammed by people pretending to be the person but only letting you buy credits and keep the conversation going. Luckily I didn't experience this on Exclusively Over 60 Dating. This dating site has a reliable and secure sign up process, you need to confirm your sign up and from the start you will notice that you are dealing with real members. In the beginning it takes some searching, but once you get used to the site you will notice that you will not only come across interesting profiles, but that the members who like you will also contact you themselves. So this dating site is definitely worth checking out.

    Top customer service

    I recently joined this fun dating site because I have been single myself for years and at some point started to feel the need to have a partner. It is nice to do fun things with someone else and grow old together. So I ended up on this site through friends and was so impressed by the functionalities of the site and the many possibilities that I decided to upgrade my account to a VIP account of 6 months. However, something went wrong with the payment and I didn't know what to do. The payment had already been made, but I did not have a VIP membership yet. I then decided to send a message to customer service and have to say that I got a reply in no time. And not long after that, I had access to my VIP membership. So I am very satisfied with the way customer service solved my problem. On other datingsites you have to wait days for a general answer. The employees themselves are not only friendly, but also very professional. They know exactly how to assist you with any questions and / or comments.

    Very friendly and helpful customer service. The customer support employees know exactly how they can help you with your questions.

    There are no featured profiles

    When I first came to this site, I noticed that there are no featured profiles on the homepage of the site. Because of this, you do not know what type of people you can expect on the site itself. Often enough, on other dating sites you'll see a list of featured profiles that you can click on. If you have seen an interesting profile, you can click on it and you will not only see the personal data of the user, but also what they are actually looking for on the site. That way you can tell whether you want to contact the person further or not. Unfortunately, this site does not contain featured profiles. So at first I had no idea what to expect from the users of this dating site. I thought that was less. Fortunately, the site does contain enough information about what the site stands for and for which services you can go there. So, event though i didn't saw the featured profiles I still signed up and was amazed by the many interesting users that you can find on the site. I have been on this site for about a month and have met some nice women on the site with whom I would like to have a nice date.

    The sign up process is very easy

    Hi all,
    I've been a widower for a year now and I thought it would be best to start dating again. I am more looking for someone to contact chat with, someone who can arrange a nice date and more. So I was looking for a suitable dating site and came across this dating site through friends. Although the layout of the site looks very simple, I was surprised by the fast registration procedure. For the elderly it is quite difficult if it takes too long to register and if so many ballast things are asked to fill in. Within a few minutes I was registered which of course I liked very much. The site is also transparent, well-organized and clear. I would certainly recommend my peers to use the services of this site.

    Signing up on this dating site is very easy and takes only a few seconds of your precious time.
    The sign up process is free and gives you the possibility to get used to the different functionalities of this site.
    I didn't believe it at first, but after having signed up on this site, I saw a lot of good looking female members which you need to have contact with.

    The layout of this datingsite is very simple.

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