I could not reach the site by phone

I could not reach the site by phone

Hello everyone,
I am Lovely Jolly and I intend to leave a review for other users, who may ever be faced with my situation. I have been a member of this site for a few months now and I am satisfied so far. One of the times I got a message from a crush of mine and in all haste I entered the wrong password a few times. At one point I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I wanted to contact the customer service representative by phone, but I was unsuccessful because I couldn't find any phone number. Eventually I found out through the most frequently asked questions on the site that I could just send a message to customer service by clicking on contact. No sooner said than done and in no time I could use my account again. I have already found a serious date myself. Compared to other dating sites, I have a really good experience with Over 60 dating. I would therefore recommend this site to all my single peers.

The customer support is very responsive. Furthermore you don't have to worry that you wouldn't find a date on this site. Within a few weeks I found my loved one so it is possible for you as well. You only need to be a little patient.

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