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Over 60s Dating Club is one of the largest 60 plus dating sites where all 60 plus men and women can go to find exciting dates, new friendships, acquaintances and more. The like-minded men and women on the site are just like you looking for a partner, the chance that you will not find a partner on the site is almost nil.

You do not have to worry about the security and privacy on the site. The administrators of the site do everything they can to offer you a safe and discreet online platform where you can exchange messages with other users. So you don't have to worry that your chat messages will suddenly end up in the hands of third parties and more. In addition, all personal data, which you enter when registering, is securely stored. Personal data will therefore never simply be provided or sold on to third parties.

If the site seems interesting to you and you would also like to become a member, you can do so at any time of the day and completely free of charge.

Target audience

Over 60s Dating Club is a unique dating site created primarily for all 60 plus men and women. Are you 60 or older, are you lonely, single, divorced, widowed or widower and are you looking for a nice partner to spend the old days with? Then you've come to the right place at the 60's dating club. On this site there are enough 60 plus like-minded members, who are just like you looking for love, webcam chat, friendship and more. The site itself consists of thousands of members and new members are added daily. The chance of finding an exciting date is therefore many times greater than on other similar 60 plus dates. Do you also want to get in touch with other people over 60 in the club? Then sign up for free today at over 60s dating club.

Sign Up

All 60 plus men and women who also want to join the over 60s dating club can sign up to this exciting 60 plus dating site any time of the day, absolutely free. You can register by first going to the homepage of the site and filling in the online registration form. You will see this online click-through form under the heading "High Class Singles From Your area". In this form you fill in whether you are male or female and whether you are looking for like-minded men and women. You can also indicate whether you are looking for a serious relationship, dates, friendship, new acquaintances, webcam chat and more. After making your choice, you will then be asked to describe yourself. For example, you have to fill in how tall you are, how long your hair is, hair color and more. After indicating which city you come from, your date of birth, your working e-mail address and username, you can register. After successfully completing the registration process and confirming your registration, you can immediately get started with finding a suitable 60 plus date. It has never been easier than on this dating site.


All 60 plus men and women can sign up for free on this unique dating site. As a new member you will automatically be assigned a free account. With this account you have the option to create a free profile, search the profiles of the site and view profiles of users. However, as a free member you have access to the basic functionalities of the site. Do you want to use all the functionalities of the site? Then you have the option to upgrade your profile to VIP membership.

Difference free membership and VIP membership

With the site's free membership, users have the ability to receive email notifications, receive messages, view matches, upload photos, create a profile and more. People who want to accelerate and increase the chance of finding a date can opt for the VIP membership. VIP members can do everything the free members can and more. As a VIP member you get a VIP identification, you can add members to your favorites list, you can keep matches for as long as you want, you can see pictures of other members, view profile visitors, write unlimited messages, read messages, create your own profile and much more.

Delete profile

Anyone who, for one reason or another, no longer wishes to use the services of the site, can delete his or her profile from the site at any time of the day, seven days in a week. It is absolutely not difficult or impossible to delete your profile from the site's databases. If you wish to delete your profile, click on the "Contact" tab at the bottom of the webpage and then go to the question related to profile deletion. You will find a link there that you can click to delete your account. Please note that the site initially block your profile for 48 hours, however during this time you are able to activate your profile at any point. So deleting your account isn't difficult at all. 

Contact details

If you have any questions and / or comments regarding the services of the site, payments or other general questions? Then you have the opportunity to be the first to go through the list of frequently asked questions. You can also access this list by clicking on the "contact" tab at the bottom of the web page. If your answer is not in the list, you have the option to send a message to the site's customer service. In all cases, the customer service employees do their best to deal with your message quickly and to provide a good answer. Enough reason to join this exciting club today and find your beloved over 60 loved one on this dating site.

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    Worth A Go!

    I joined the over 60's dating club on the advice and urging of my friends. At first the site seemed nothing to me because there is little or no content on the homepage of the site. All you will see is a registration form where you can sign up on the site, where you can log in, and a background with thousands of pictures of people. Normally you can see on a dating site what the site stands for, what services the site has to offer, you will see an overview with featured profiles. In most cases you can also click on a profile to view information about the user. This will give you a better idea of ​​what to expect on the site. Some dating sites even make it possible to see reviews from other users about how they have experienced using the site. Unfortunately you will only see a registration form on the homepage of this site. It might be advisable to post some more content on the home page of the site itself. Because once you are registered and use the services of the site, you will be amazed at the profiles of users, which can be found on the site. You have the most interesting men and women, who are also looking for someone for fun, a date, nice chat contact and more.

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