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Just because I'm 60 doesn't mean I no longer have the right to have a lover or to date other nice women. With that in mind, I decided to join this interesting 60 plus dating site. The sign up process itself is very simple and only takes a few moments of your precious time. As a new member I was assigned a free account. However, there was no access to all functionalities of the site. To access the full membership, I had to upgrade my account via payment. Fortunately, the amount was not too bad and I choose to upgrade my account to the full membership. I always thought everything was free on the site. Obviously, that might be a little unrealistic since the site should be maintained and employees needs to be paid. Fortunately, the amount you have to pay is not too high. The amount is not too bad and the conversations are also effective. Despite having spent a fee on the site for the upgrade to full membership, I am not dissatisfied. The site is worth your money, especially because there are users with whom you can communicate comfortably about anything and everything. On other sites you pay a certain amount every month or daily without any success. Fortunately, that is not (yet) the case on this site.

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