Very easy registration process

Very easy registration process

My name is Kelly and take the liberty to also share my experience on this site with you. First of all, I am very satisfied with the membership of this site. My husband passed away some time ago and because I felt very lonely I needed contact with other people. However, you cannot just contact people on the street. Fortunately, I came across this site that enabled me to make many contacts with other like-minded men who keep in touch with me through chat and in this way help me to get through my loneliness.

Unlike other dating sites, the registration process on this site is very simple, which of course appealed to me. When registering, you have to answer a number of questions, based on which the site has a better picture of your personality. The site therefore searches more specifically for matches for you and I think that's great about this site. In any case, Single60sdating is definitely worth a try.

- Very easy registration process
- Free account, the registrations process is free of charge
- Personality test, also free of charge

I am happy to be a member of this dating site.

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