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With Single60sDating, it's easy to get started! Do you want to meet someone the same age who is also looking for a partner? Do you want to make plans, laugh and enjoy life with someone? With Single 60s Dating scientifically proven personality test, Single60sDating can give love a boost. Thanks to their intelligent partner search, they help you find the right person from your match list. You'll get a list of potential dates, free of charge and without any obligations. Your personal data is protected. Single60sDating provides complete protection to ensure that your data is safe and that personal messages can only be read by those who are supposed to read them. You alone decide whom you want to text and when to text them, and whether the other person can meet you in a video call. Moreover, all photos and profiles are checked by Singe 60s Dating trained team Discover Single60sDating. This is the exciting part! Take your time and look at your match list. Your match profiles highlight similarities, hobbies and lifestyle choices. Interested? Then take the first step! Start by sending a compliment, or a catchy joke. A short, personal message is great for breaking the ice. Once you've done the first step, it's easy.

Online dating for singles over 60.

Finding love and friendship - a wonderful fresh start.

Looking for a partner in your 60s should be fun. Celebrate this chapter of your life with a new love. New friendships that last forever. Every kind of date is possible with Single60sDating, it's up to you. Dating in your 60s is beautiful, you already know what you want in a partner. Whether you want to find a friend, a life-partner or someone that gives you butterflies - it's your choice. We give you a match list to help you find what you're looking for. And maybe a bit more!

Single 60s Dating Reviews

    It is not that easy to get in touch with the customer service of this site

    I'm Sheela, 59 years old and a member of Single60sDating for over a year. I am very satisfied with the services of this site so far. Not only can you easily navigate the site, but you can also get in touch with other interesting users in the same way. Initially, as a new member you get a free account from the site, but if you want to be successful it is best if you upgrade your membership to the premium membership. The amount you have to pay per month is not on the high side.

    What I don't like about the site is that I can't always get in touch with the site's customer service quickly. On the website there is a fax number of an office in Luxembourg and also an e-mail form and contact form if you click on the 'contact' tab in the menu on almost every page you may be on. The e-mail form automatically takes you to your e-mail, but I didn't set it up on my computer, so that didn't help. I used the contact form, and only received an answer to my question after a few days, which of course I did not like. Other than this I am quite happy with the site.

    There are plenty of 60 plus men and women on this dating site

    My name is Laurence, 54 years old and a member of this dating site since October 1, 2022. I myself have been a widower for a year and came across this site through friends. I must say that I am very satisfied with what this site has to offer. You will notice that there is a good balance in terms of male and female ratio on this site. There are almost as many men as women on the site, which of course makes it a bit easier to score a nice date on this site.

    In the past I was also a member of other dating sites but was very dissatisfied with the services provided. Most of those sites also didn't have a good male to female ratio. The sites consisted predominantly of men, which made finding a woman extremely difficult. I have been paying for months on one of the sites for membership of the site with no success. Fortunately, that is not the case on this site. I have the premium membership of the site and have been interacting with some nice like minded women on this site since the first week. In any case, I would warmly recommend this site to my peers.

    In the end you still have to pay!

    Although I am satisfied with the services of this site, I do not like the fact that the website states that the registration process is completely free and you get a free account, but that you still have to pay in the end. After going through the registration process on this site you will be assigned a free account. This allows you to, for example, adjust the information on your profile, upload photos and participate in the personality test. However, you only have access to the basic functionalities of the site.

    For example, if you want to see photos of other users, send unlimited messages to other users, read incoming messages, participate in video calls and more, you still have to pay a certain fee. Only by upgrading your account to the premium membership, you can use all the functionalities of the site and I think that's less. You can take out the premium membership for 3, 6 or 12 months. I have a 6 month subscription. Fortunately, the amount per month is not too bad.

    You still need to pay a fee in the end if you want to be successful on this dating site. That is the one thing I don't like about this dating site.

    Very easy registration process

    My name is Kelly and take the liberty to also share my experience on this site with you. First of all, I am very satisfied with the membership of this site. My husband passed away some time ago and because I felt very lonely I needed contact with other people. However, you cannot just contact people on the street. Fortunately, I came across this site that enabled me to make many contacts with other like-minded men who keep in touch with me through chat and in this way help me to get through my loneliness.

    Unlike other dating sites, the registration process on this site is very simple, which of course appealed to me. When registering, you have to answer a number of questions, based on which the site has a better picture of your personality. The site therefore searches more specifically for matches for you and I think that's great about this site. In any case, Single60sdating is definitely worth a try.

    - Very easy registration process
    - Free account, the registrations process is free of charge
    - Personality test, also free of charge

    I am happy to be a member of this dating site.

    A safe dating site for the over 60s

    Hi all,
    I am Frank, proud member of Single 60s dating. The great thing about this dating site is that the website is very safe and reliable for the over 60s. For me, privacy is the most important thing and this website knows how to guarantee that. Not only is the sign up process simple, but all personal information I share with the website is securely stored. I don't have to worry about my kids suddenly seeing the posts I share with other women on this site. In any case, I would definitely recommend this site to my other peers who are also looking for a nice date to spend some time together.

    Becoming a member of this site is very easy. I went through the registration process within minutes and was able to use my free account right away. On other similar websites I first had to fill in a number of forms before I could use the services of the site. For me that sucked. Fortunately, that is not the case on this site.

    Single 60s dating is not only safe and reliable, but also very convenient to use. For example, I don't have much computer experience, but I can easily navigate this site via my tablet.

    I have no negatives about this site. I am very satisfied with the services provided.

    Local members over 60

    I joined this site am impressed by the number of ladies of my own age on the site unlike others I joined. Alone over the festive period I shall be making contact with a few who seem to share similar interests.

    The number of singles ladies not far from me.

    None so far

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