There are plenty of 60 plus men and women on this dating site

There are plenty of 60 plus men and women on this dating site

My name is Laurence, 54 years old and a member of this dating site since October 1, 2022. I myself have been a widower for a year and came across this site through friends. I must say that I am very satisfied with what this site has to offer. You will notice that there is a good balance in terms of male and female ratio on this site. There are almost as many men as women on the site, which of course makes it a bit easier to score a nice date on this site.

In the past I was also a member of other dating sites but was very dissatisfied with the services provided. Most of those sites also didn't have a good male to female ratio. The sites consisted predominantly of men, which made finding a woman extremely difficult. I have been paying for months on one of the sites for membership of the site with no success. Fortunately, that is not the case on this site. I have the premium membership of the site and have been interacting with some nice like minded women on this site since the first week. In any case, I would warmly recommend this site to my peers.

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